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Golfing Service and Repairs in Exeter, PA

Golfing Services for Every Golfers Needs

Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop provides golfing services and repairs to Exeter, PA, and surrounding areas. Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop proudly serves the Luzerne, Wyoming, and Lackawanna counties and beyond. We are open from 11:30 AM with varying hours depending on the day. With our selection of 700 shafts and 1,200 grips, we are confident we can customize the perfect club for you.
With our wide array of options, Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop can handle any golfing service. We also proudly serve and provide memberships to the NRA. Come visit us today to see our full in-store selection or call us at (570) 654-2306 for these services:
  • Golf Club Repair
  • Clubs
  • Bags
  • Balls
  • woods
  • Irons
  • Putters
  • Fittings
  • Customization
  • And much more

We Repair Most Golf-Related Goods

Expert Golf Club Repair for All Types of Clubs

Do you have some damage or wear on your favorite putter? Did you accidentally put a ding in your 9-Iron? Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop can repair any golf club in your bag. Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop provides many repairs and adjustments for any club damage.
We can replace shafts and grips on any brand. A new grip can drastically change the quality of your golf game. Shaft length can alter the way your clubs swing and it is always important to have the correct length. Without the correct measurements, you simply cannot maximize your golf swing. With over 700 different shafts of various lengths and compositions, we can suit any golfer with ease. The grip is pivotal to a smooth swing and follow-through. Clubs are not nearly as effective if they slip from your hands. Allow us to fix your worn-out grip with our stock of over 1,200 grips of various styles and colors.
We also sandblast heads to refinish their surfaces for a new look and style. Sandblasting is a process of using air pressure to force sand into the metal to alter the surface. Sandblasting these surfaces on your clubs provides a more new look to your old clubs.

We Carry the Highest Quality Brands Available to Improve Your Game

Top of the Line Brands for Clubs, Balls, and Bags in Exeter, PA

Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop in Exeter sells a variety of clubs, balls, and bags to satisfy any golfer. We proudly sell Golf Pride, True Temper, Winn, and Fujikura brands and stand by these products. From expert golfers to casual or new players, everyone needs a solid starting point. We believe that starts with a quality product, and we only sell the best brands that we can because of that.

Complete Clubs and Sets Ready for Fitting

We can provide complete golf club sets or individual clubs to replace old clubs in your bag. Complete sets are available, or customize your own with individual clubs, bags, and balls. We carry new woods in various styles to improve your tee-off and get the distance of a pro. We also have a variety of putters for smooth control and finish to keep strokes off your game. Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop also has hickory putters for a vintage look and style.
If you need to improve the precision of your game, you may be looking for a new iron. Irons are numbered based on their loft, or the height the ball will travel compared to distance. Balls take different angles depending on the iron, so it is wise to have many. Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop believes it is always good to have the right tool for the job. Let us provide you with not just those tools but the knowledge to use them.

Golf Balls: Not as Simple as You May Assume

Golf balls can appear simple, just thermoplastic resin coating rubber, but that could not be further from the truth. When choosing a ball, factors such as spin control and distance desired come into play. The compression of the ball can alter the travel significantly. Mike Serbin is an experienced golfer that can provide advice on which ball you will need to improve your game.

High-Quality Bags for Any Style

We also provide several stylish bags to hold and carry your clubs with ease. Our golf bags are designed to hold all of the clubs required for a golf game. Need more space for your new wood or iron? Or are you simply going for a different aesthetic? We have a variety of both stylish and spacious bags and believe we have the bag for you.

Serbin’s Customizes the Perfect Clubs for You with Great Care

High-Quality Customization and Fitting with Fast and Professional Service

Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop offers fully customized clubs and sets. With many years of experience, Mike Serbin has customized thousands of clubs. Mike has extensive experience in the golfing industry and provides quality clubs and knowledge of how to use them. From experienced golfers to rookies, Mike has helpful tips to improve your game.
While Mike loves to share his knowledge of the game, he especially enjoys fitting custom clubs. Serbin’s Custom Golf & Repair Shop provide many adjustments and customizations to personalize your clubs.
Clubs require several adjustments to have an ideal size and fitting for their golfer. We make all the necessary adjustments to have a competitive edge and improve your game. We can make length adjustments, weight adjustments, and anything in between. We operate a bending machine to adjust the lie/loft for your clubs to get the perfect stroke on each swing. The ideal fitting for you is a simple call or visit away. Contact us today to find out what Mike Serbin can do for your golf game.